Friday, December 21, 2012

The new beginning

Sweater: Wildfox White Label Seeing Stars | Pants: Club Monaco | Shoes: Opening Ceremony Su Heeled Boots | Bag: Bottega Veneta in White Leather (Black one HERE)

Happy End of the World! 

So... countless apocalypse theories were tossed around with a HUGE anticipation for today...
I personally believe that Mayans just simply ran out of space for the calendar ;)
Here we are.  The end of 2012.  End of the calendar.  The new beginning.

Staying kinda astrological theme... my "last day on Earth" outfit was my new star sweater!
Yep, my sweater obsession continues...
I also pulled out one of my favorite bags from Bottega Veneta... 
This soft amazing leather just can't be replaced by anything else.  
A gift to myself few years back when I got promoted to my current work position.
When I finally bought it, I promised myself to live up to be an appropriate Lady to carry this thing around.
I continue to make this a goal.  Bottega Veneta appropriate.  Yep.

Well, on top of this Apocalypse theme day... today was also the last work day of 2012!
YESS!! It's vacation time!
What is everyone up to this holidays?  Traveling? Family time? Sleep time?

I may be super amazingly spontaneous and just hit the airport and decide where I want to go right there.
Sounds ridiculous... so I'm sure I'll be very realistic when the time comes... 
but not a bad plan, huh?

First thing tomorrow, I'm making a list of things I would like to check off the list for 2012.
Time to plan the plan.
Let's start there, shall we??

Let this Holiday officially start!



  1. I love your OC booties! They're such an amazing grey taupe shimmer hue! Beautiful.

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

    1. Thank you! I'm in love with these OC boots! Looks almost vintage in person... ;)
      Thanks for visiting Natalie!

  2. ahh <3 the OC shoes and star sweater. love this look!

    x sophia